In Harmony with Nature

Organic right from the first

What we put in the soil, will always come back to us. Organic farming makes a much smaller impact on the environment than conventional agriculture by eliminating the use of harmful chemicals fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. We provide safe food for your consumption, the safe working place for our workers, and save the environment for the next generations of all spices.

Everest Tea plantation, having been left to grow wild for almost 20 years without any maintenance and manuring, in other words, no human interference, is actually, more organic than the converted organic plantations.

The soil in the plantation was not tilled for the last 20 years, making it almost virgin again. To improve this further, our team at Everest Tea has indulged in the collection of green matter and cattle manure to make compost and wormi-compost. We have several compost pits, situated strategically in different areas of the plantation making it easy for application. 25% of the plantation is pruned every year, and this pruned area is manured liberally using our own compost.

As a result, we proudly say, "we are 100% organic!"
Pests and disease are repelled using homemade folio repellents. These homemade concoctions are made by our experts using natural flora and shrubs available only in the Himalayan hills.

Everest Tea plantation is benefited by having the Shivapuri National Forest on two sides. This helps in preserving the water sources and keeping human habitation away. The forest being so close, helps in balancing the ecology inside the plantation as well. We are blessed with sightings of wandering wild animals, which is not very common in most plantations.

We are deeply committed to organic and sustainable farming methods, we understand the importance of taking care of our planet, this is the place for all the species to prosper, generations to come.