Everest Tea Estate is the premium benchmark community-partnership Rainforest Alliance certified and organic tea plantation in Nepal.


By continually innovating, enhancing sustainable systems, dedication to environmental and social harmony, we will produce the world’s finest crafted teas and infusions to become a recognized global Nepali brand.

How it all began

“Trade, not aid. Sustainable organic farming creates our future.”

We provide opportunities to learn and expand our farmers’ knowledge on organic farming and tea making. We pass on these skills, knowledge and this beautiful village to our next generations.

Bhotechaur in Sindhupalchowk district has a small but beautiful tea estate and tea forest. In 2014, Mohan Mickey Giri who visited the area fell in love with this charming secluded tea estate adjoining the Shivapuri National park abundant to wild. It led to discussions with the local villagers on how to revive it.

Many rural parts of Nepal are facing serious social issues, namely population outflow, lack of innovative ideas to improve their living standards and lack of awareness of environmental conservation. Right after Mohan Mickey Giri started to get involved in this tea project, the earthquake devastated Nepal in 2015, Sindhupalchowk was one of the worst affected districts. The villagers suffered huge loss and damage to their homes and livelihoods. How can we make this adversity into an opportunity to improve the lives of people in Sindhupalchowk?

His passion for the lives of Nepali people and his motto “trade not aid” drives him forward. His deep love for Nepal and boldness to challenge the status quo will greatly contribute to the improvement of the lives of the people in Bhotechaur village community and the Nepali tea industry.

After many years of struggles, the professional production team now produce the rare premium orthodox specialty tea for the tea connoisseurs while improving Bhotechaur to a self-sustainable village, providing villagers, especially women the opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge about tea and be financially independent and pass on the knowledge of tea making and this beautiful village to the next generation to all species.