Quality is Our Passion

Our professionalism never allow compromise at any stage.

We produce variety of Orthodox Specialty Teas based on firm traditional tea making theory, merged with innovative, state of the art machinery and professional teams’ solid experiences and their creativity.

As Everest Tea Estate, we believe in quality, not quantity. Most tea estates would say, “Quality is made in the Factory”. We say, “Quality starts from the field”. Our tools being touch, taste, and smell. There is no compromise on quality for each step of our tea journey from the field to the cup. Plucking rounds of 6 to 7 days are maintained so that only the finest of leaf, is received at the factory.

Withering and rolling is strictly monitored, fermentation/oxidation is done only by the nose, and our drying run through and temperature changes with each lot of tea to bring out the best in the cup.