Where does our Tea come from ?

Everest Tea Estates locates at Bhotechaur, Sindhupalchowk district, the central part of Nepal. It’s just 42km from the bustling capital of Nepal, it’s the distance possible of a day trip from Kathmandu. Altitude from 4200ft to 6500ft, our 22 years old, small and secluded tea estate is nestled inside the Shivapuri National Park, blessed with rich soil, good amount of sunlight, ample rainfall, spring water, and mist.

Shivapuri national park locates in Nepal’s mid-hills on the northern fringe of Kathmandu Valley it covers the area of 159km2. It flourishes with various flora and fauna, and it’s also an important water catchment area to Kathmandu Valley. This mélange of biodiversity makes Everest Tea Estate suitable environment for tea cultivation.